Indiana Gazette won second place for their Website from PA NewsMedia

From the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association:

We know you’re proud of your staff’s work on your print and online product. Show us the best of the best by entering the Newspaper of the Year contest. We want to see everything, from newswriting excellence to photography to diversity to online presence. Who wouldn’t want to be Newspaper of the Year?

The purpose of the Newspaper of the Year contest is to recognize outstanding newspaper work, with the emphasis on overall excellence. This contest is designed to give your news media company the opportunity to showcase the efforts of your entire staff.

Each year, entries are accepted through mid-late August. Winners are announced in early October. The awards are presented at the Newspaper of the Year Awards Brunch, in conjunction with PNA’s Annual Convention.

Entries are judged on a point system, including the optional categories. All points are added together for each newspaper, and the newspapers with the highest total point scores in the multi-day publication and weekly publication divisions win first and second place Newspaper of the Year awards. All points count toward the Newspaper of the Year award, including the optional categories, so entering EVERY category (mandatory and optional) gives you a better chance to win the ”Newspaper of the Year” recognition!

Winners List:

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