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What it is

The only Digital Media system built from the ground up to generate revenue.

An industry first complete solution.

  • The platform, the products and the process.
  • Grows audience, grows revenue and reduces costs.
  • CityPortals is a solutions provider vested in your success via a partnering approach.

An Exceptional web experience that works on any device:



Customer Relationship Management

Allows you to build detailed, company owned advertiser profiles of all businesses in the marketplace.

Sales Force Automation

Tools and Dashboards allow managers to increase sales productivity.


Tied into CRM and Advertiser Products. Integrates into your current billing platform or can stand alone.

Ad Engine and Reporting

Integrates with all ad banner serving platforms, including Google DFP-SB, DART, OAS, AdTech, FatTail. Also includes built in ad banner delivery and reporting system.

Advertiser Analytics

Tracks detailed performance analytics for your advertisers.

Search Engine Optimized

The entire platform has been built designed to maximize search performance.

Deep User Analytics

Profile system which tracks and collect detailed metrics (DATA) on your visitors and their detailed activity.

Content Management System (CMS)

Best of breed Content Management System that’s easy to use keeping your content fresh.

Value Wall ℠

Completely configurable pay wall that interfaces with your current subscriber database.


Revenue generating products that allow you to take back the most profitable verticals in the marketplace. (see below)

Products and Verticals





Dining Guide


Community Calendar

Real Estate

Business Directory

Included Partner Services

Audience Growth

via Platform, products, SEO, SEM, SMO.

Revenue Growth Strategy

Full time access to a business consultant to help you achieve maximum revenue


Continual process improvement & training available to your sales, editorial and digital team.

Growth and Effects

Built in products and Search Engine Optimization so that your Audience that is looking for these products will grow and your advertisers will love the results they receive.

increase growth chart


The dominance in search our platform provides is the key to audience and revenue growth.



Your expenses will go down and you have better management insight into your digital business.


Case Study - Indiana Gazette Newspaper with circulation of 12,000 since launched with CityPortals


Unique Visitor Growth

Page Views

Monthly Page Views Increased


Digital Revenue Increased


Growth in Facebook

Partners We’ve Worked With

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us to schedule a discussion on how we can work together.

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